One of the best ways to consciously connect with your Angels and Guides is by calming your mind and intentionally inviting them in through meditation. 

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I loved my session with Majona. It was very helpful. She answered all my questions and gave me great advice.

The messages were very clear and made so much sense. I connected with my grandfather and my uncle, both passed away a long time ago. The way Majona described them couldn't be more accurate.
Her energy and sense of humor made it a wonderful experience. I will definitely come back for more!
Los Angeles
I recently crossed paths with Majona and requested a guide/angel reading. I had been in a quandary as to how to successfully handle an important upcoming family event.

Majona relayed my guides message which provided a starting point that was so on target I got goosebumps. Majona was clear on what my guides were suggesting and it was obvious to me she was the conduit of the information. I am very grateful for Majona’s reading and gift.
Newcastle, OK
I contacted Majona after my husband passed away about a year ago. He was my best friend and I miss him everyday. Majona was able to contact him and receive information about his last days with us. He aslo talked abour our daughters and two of our grandchildren. He is always nearby and this helps with some of the grief and worry about when he was suffering so much from cancer.

I plan to contact her again to see if he is available and who else may be here to give more information about their life on the other side and any important information I may need to hear.
As I was getting a reading from Majona my Soul Guide came through which thrilled me since I've been trying to communicate with my soul guide. Majona started to laugh when my Soul Guide appeared because it turns out he's a complete prankster! I asked Majona if she could tell me his name but he said I can only have the first letter. Majona told me the letter "S."

Two mornings later, when I woke up, the phrase "What about Saul" kept playing in my head. I've heard of the TV show, but never seen it. All of a sudden, BAM! It hit me, that's the name of my Soul Guide! That was my first step to getting closer to my Soul Guide and now I talk to him all the time. He's quite a character! Thank you Majona for helping me achieve my first step getting to know my Soul Guide!
North Carolina

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